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Devexperts is a financial software provider of highly-effective professional software systems for on-line brokerage, exchange, and financial activities mostly on stock, options, and Forex markets. Devexperts is specialized in development, implementation, and 24*7 support of its upscale financial systems intended to handle complex business activities, and including a full set of advanced, helpful, and finely-tuned tools to meet both a trader's and a broker's requirements. The highest quality, smart integration capabilities, and diligent maintenance of Devexperts financial products help to substantially decrease our clients’ expenses. The integral part of Devexperts' business activity is providing of consulting services for financial institutions in the field of real-time application.

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"New business models and IT solutions for development of on-line trading platforms"
Mercredi 27 Avril 2016 | 14h45 - 15h10 | Espace Démo 1

Online trading platforms as bank’s client retention tool.

The retail banking landscape is drastically changing. Pure tech players, such as Google, Facebook or Apple, with tech savviness and consumer appeal venture into financial services. Existing players (banks, brokerages and other financial service firms) need to consider a new cooperation-driven business model, combining the legacy systems with advaced solutions developed by external technology providers, if they wish to retain their client base and increase the revenue stream.


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