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dbi services Stand IT 40
www.dbi-services.com/ SALON SITB

Rue de la Jeunesse 2
2800 Delémont
+41 32 422 96 00



dbi services: passionate about IT infrastructure

Founded in 2010, IT Services company dbi services is now a leader in managing business information systems. From its head office in Delémont and offices in Basel, Lausanne and Zurich, dbi services provides middleware infrastructure services, especially operating systems, databases and applications servers; in other words, the part of IT in between the hardware and the industry solution. The teams at dbi services also have in-depth
expertise in the field of integrated systems and ECM document management platforms; as well as Business Intelligence, offering solutions for understanding business performance and assisting with decision-making.

The range of products and services offered by dbi services includes consulting, managed services (SLAs), training courses and advice on license strategy.

As part of its consulting activities, the firm incorporates a wide range of solutions using technologies such as Oracle and MySQL. It enjoys excellent partnership relationships with a number of software houses, including Oracle. These strong links with partners enable dbi services to be highly responsive.
dbi services also offers managed services contracts that enable it to manage its clients’ IT infrastructure via remote support. Training courses in the fields in which its teams specialise also play a major role in the services on offer. Finally, dbi services works with its clients on license strategy.

Thanks to its network of offices, dbi services can offer its services throughout Switzerland, regardless of clients’ preferred language (English, French or German). Its teams also operate in France and Germany. The company employs around 50 qualified and experienced staff with a passion for IT infrastructure. The consultants deliver the training courses themselves and speak at top level technical conferences both in Switzerland and at international events, especially our most battle-hardened experts in Oracle. By sharing their experience and knowledge, the teams
at dbi services are always at the cutting edge of technology and are therefore able to provide the best service to their clients. The wide range of training and qualifications that our consultants undergo enable them to respond to the complex issues they face in highly challenging environments. These include all sectors and industries where computerised data is at the heart of organisational issues.

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Oracle Cloud Services DBaaS: l'agilité entre Cloud et On-premises
Mardi 26 Avril 2016 | 14h45 - 15h30 | Salle F

Vous ne songez pas à migrer d'un coup toutes vos bases de données vers le Cloud. Evidemment non. Et puis Oracle Database a toujours été portable: un même SGBD sur toutes les plateformes sans changer l'application.
Et c'est le cas avec le Cloud. Les bases peuvent être déplacées entre on-premises, Public Cloud et Private Cloud, pour permettre un passage en douceur en choisissant la solution la plus pertinente pour chaque environnement (dév, test, prod). Nous expliquerons les éditions possibles, la sécurité de l'accés, les performances du PaaS: Compute, Storage, Backup. Il est aussi possible de l'essayer: nous montrerons comment faire un PoC efficace sur la version trial.

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