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ITECOR Stand IT 94
www.itecor.com SALON SITB

Rue de Berne 9
1201 Genève
+41 22 715 04 10


Aligning IT Systems with the strategic and operational needs of the business is vital to a company's performance.


You are responsible for business critical systems. You want these systems to be effective, aligned with both business needs and economic realities. These systems must actively contribute to the success of the company. Itecor seeks to offer guidance, advice and support to make this vision a reality.

We are client-focused

Your needs define our road map. From the start, Itecor's focus has been listening to and understanding the business requirements and challenges of its clients. Our client-centric vision has guided us over the years, resulting in services and high value added solutions that have proved their worth in the field.


Retour sur 3 business cases autour du Big Data: Qu’ont-ils vraiment gagné?
Mardi 26 Avril 2016 | 15h55 - 16h40 | Salle F

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